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Grande Cheese
From our handmade crust to our own special sauce, we use the finest

ingredients we can get our hands on, including the premium, all natural

Grande Mozzarella cheese that goes on each one of our pizzas. Its creamy,

buttery taste, delightful mouthfeel and excellent stretch perfectly bring all

of our great ingredients together into your perfect pie.


Our dough is made in our very own kitchen. We slowly knead our dough for

exactly 9 minutes in our 1953 Hobart mixer to develop maximum flavor. We make

our dough every single day, and slow proof it using pure, natural yeast for superior

quality and texture. We think our crust is the best hand-tossed crust in the area. We

use the best hard winter wheat grown right here in the United States, and it's milled

in a beautiful Minneapolis,NM and shipped to our store.


Rino's uses fresh-packed, hand-selected Roma tomatoes, grown in the California sunshine,

to make our delicious, traditional red pizza sauce and we add no citric acid.

Other pizza places use remanufactured industrial tomato paste with added citric acid for their

pre-made sauce...yuck. Our secret recipe sauce is batch mixed in our kitchen everyday.

We use only the best and most flavorful herbs, spices and rich Parmesan and Romano cheese

to make our pizza sauce unique, tasty and delicious for our costumers to enjoy.


We use delicious USDA Pizza Toppings. Our Meat pizza toppings are seasoned to perfection

with premium herbs and spices. Have you tried our Meatlovers? It is delicious, made with

peperoni, sausage, ground beef, lean Ham and bacon.


We buy the freshest veggies at the local farm market every week, in that way

support the local farmers from Lancaster County. Our veggies are cut fresh in house

and held at temperature of 38 degrees to ensure the freshest taste.


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